My gymnastics journey

I have been in gymnastics for six and a half years. When I was younger I never thought of gymnastics. All I know is I would see all the girls doing cart wheels or front walkovers. At that time I did not know what any of those things were, I just got really jealous. When I was younger I am pretty sure I was really into learning my culture and what not. Six and a half years ago I never thought I would be able to do anything in gymnastics

Now that it has been six and a half years I am glad I took the opportunity to join. I love my coach and I love the group that I have been doing it with. I am the best I can be for what I know right now. I have not mastered everything but that is one of the things my coach taught me. Not everyone works at the same pace, not everyone in the group will be the same level and that’s okay.I used to have a lot of those scary moments or moments I would stand there afraid to do it because I was afraid someone was going to judge me. Now I just work on things for myself. If the groups doing back handsprings and there is something not going as smooth I will step back and do something that will get my body and brain ready.

Whenever I go to Gymnastics I leave all my emotions at the door.Which is something that makes it easier. There are good vibes and there is not a worry on my mind.I work up to the fullest. I always do the conditioning and never fuss. I always do the circuits we do on the red mats. One of my favorite mottos to go by for gymnastics is “Practice makes progress”.

Over the past six years I have grown to love gymnastics more and more.Sometimes all I want to be doing is gymnastics.The question is why? My answer will always be that I love flipping and stretching my body into what used to be unthinkable. Sometimes it is an amazing accomplishment and I just love the feeling of flying. I have always wanted to be a person that someone would get jealous for. Not to show off or anything but just to think that I was that person at one point. It is never too late to start your dream.

Do those flips, stretch your body, make adjustments, and dream big!- if you are a gymnast like me in other hands of you are a hockey player or soccer player etc. Just do the best you can do for yourself and like I say.

~” Practice makes Progress” ~

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