Braces :)…. so far

Month: 10/21

About 11 months ago I got the news I would be getting braces. I  found out after my grade 7 grad, at that moment I was really excited but also really nervous. After that, I watched video after video so when the day came I would know everything.

About 10 months ago I woke up knowing it was the day than that I realized I did not want metal in my mouth for 21 months. I had to get in the car anyways and head down to Creative Orthodontics(highly suggest going there(: ) We had about a 10-20 minute wait than I had to get X-rays, molds etc. After all that was done, they started the long process.

Step one was to clean my teeth and prepare them to start putting the brackets on. Step 2 was for them to get all the tools organized and ready. Step 3 was for me to put glasses on to protect my eyes and to put a thing to keep my mouth open. Step 4 was to start the glue and bonding the brackets. Step 5 was to place the wire. Last final step was to watch the learning video and say bye to the amazing staff that did all the stuff in my mouth.

Right now I am happy to say I actually got the chance to get braces and I am really excited to see my final results.



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