The sky is the only limit ;)

As most of you who cross paths with me, you would know that I am an athlete at heart, my life revolves around sports leaving me with not much time to socialize and also leading to others knowing me as an introvert teen girl in high school who is shy, quiet and is never into big group gathering. I have told you about gymnastics and all the juicy details there. You can say that is where my journey in being an athlete started, but along the way many other sports have sprung my eye and touched my heart.

One may ask how I have time to balance out school and time to do sports, as well as other curricular activities, well sometimes I don’t even know, it just happens, and there is no looking back, you can’t go that far- to only go that far. To be an athlete you have to be willing to make that commitment in knowing it may interfere with whatever you have going on in life. In order to do anything really, for example: commiting to the job of being a police officer, you have to know the risks, you have to know the training and you have to know whether or not that is the right job that you want to commit to. Ask yourself- Do I really want to deal with all these different scenarios, Do I really want this. If you answer yes well then that is your dream job. Sometimes becoming a police officer can be life changing and life saving at the same time, every police officer I have chatted with love their job.

In my situation, it is the fact that choosing to become an athlete has saved my life. Yeah I may complain about my muscles being sore from the training but when I entered the athlete world I already knew you had to be on top of your game. You have to train your muscles to be strong enough for everything in gymnastics, it may take a lot of ice time to master something in figure skating, you definitely might not be the star soccer player of the team when you first step foot on that field but it takes time. Something humans seem to programmed to not want to hear is “it takes time, everything takes time.” In some scenarios, time is the biggest thing that you could ever battle. Entering the athlete world, I made that choice to put in many hours of training on the ice to master my waltz jump, in the athlete world I made that decision to put in all those hours of soccer drills and rainy days on the soccer field.  When I entered the athlete world I made that decision to deal with clicking and cracking bones for the rest of my life.

Why? because the feeling of flying is pretty darn great.

When you become an athlete, it is going to be a long journey before you can train your mind to feel successful because as the scientists say it’s in our DNA or in the back of our mind to remember that when we are training we should strive for something further than our goals. Our coaches have always told us “good is not enough” or practice like you’ve never won and perform like you have never lost. It is definitely going to be rough when you join because most likely you will be placed in a group where there is people that have been doing the sport for years and you are going to start putting yourself down and go through a lot of patches of self doubt. I totally understand you because there was a time where I would sit on the ground and think to myself “they are better, that means I’m not good enough, there is no point in trying” Oh no no don’t give up now darling you will be there one day and then you will be teaching the newcomers. You just have to keep your head up and keep trying.

I’m going to tell you a small story on figure skating. If you are new to me then you would not know that I have been in figure skating for almost 3 years. I joined my grade 9 year. The funny thing is that figure skating has always been a dream of mine since I was a little girl. I have always loved watching the routines with all the fancy jumps and spins. All the figure skaters make it look so easy and calming. Of course I never knew how much training it takes to be a figure skater. I knew that as an athlete you have to stay on top of your game in working out, building that muscle required, eating healthy and sleep enough in order to maintain energy.I did not know how much training figure skating took as a whole.When I joined figure skating I had to use rental skates and not the ones from my coach but good thing I was only in canskate and wasn’t actually doing any jumps other than a simple two foot jump.

I was in canskate for about a year, and the next summer. The summer before I was in grade 10 I moved up to canfigure level which is where I started my waltz jump and a few other spins. I was able to start renting skates from my coach. This was the year that we had our Biannual skating carnival. From the start I was never supposed to be in it because I had too many injuries but I think a month before I decided I was going to join. I practiced my number until the week of perfectly, but literally the week of I got so nervous because we had our number announced by someone in the booth and we had our costumes on and everything. Also when they said “Here’s the men in black canfigure girls” or whatever announcement they had down, it made my stomach drop.

The fact I got to participate in that, that is just a big example in why I became an athlete. That is my dream and I am going to keep living to it.

Whatever your purpose in life is, just remember the sky is your only limit. I don’t know whether it is your job or sports or post secondary, just keep fighting.

You have to fall before you can fly- Ariana Berlin

Here are a few screenshots of me being in The Men in black number with my 3 other fellow canfigure girls. On this night I was known as Agent M .

The sky is the only limit, keep hustling until you give someone a reason to be jealous


Covid- 19 pandemic

It is my third year of high school, I am in grade 10. As every person in this world, we went into this brand new year of 2020 thinking that this is our year, this is our year where we are going to get our life together, where we are going to reach our fitness goals, lose those few extra pounds, get good grades in school, maybe go to school every day. In every situation of all ages we all came into 2020 thinking life was dandy and taking everything for granted.

The first two and a half months were fine, for some but devastating for others. In 2020 there was the incident were Australia broke into flames everywhere, yeah devastating but you never truly experience the fear, or the adrenaline until you actually personally experience a major situation. That is just a prime example of all the terrible things that have happened in the year of 2020 and we are not even halfway through the year.

Right now for me as a teenager who is experiencing a pandemic that would not have even thought of in the month of December 2019 coming into new the new year. Nobody seen this pandemic coming at all. Not one soul would have thought we would be stuck in quarantine for 2 months and counting but it happened, it’s happening.

Each day is a new day of trying to cope in quarantine and stay sane enough to be able to feel like you are a living person who is able to breathe and who deserves to live. Each day everyone is just more scared of the virus. Some are thinking right now that this is the end of the world, this is how we all die, this is how all their loved ones are going to be taken from them or that they will be stuck in quarantine for the rest of their lives and they will never see the world as normal ever again. The definition of normal where you didn’t feel like you were breaking a law and were to be arrested just by shaking another person’s hands. The normal where in class lessons were suspended, the normal where you did not have the news on waiting for an update, the normal where you did not have to be hooked up to all this technology just to say hello to someone.

The people who are most scared, are also the people who only focus on the amount of people who have died or the number of cases that have been confirmed positive. Fear tends to take over a person even on a daily basis before this became the new normal. Fear turns into anxiety and anxiety turns into restless nights. Right now, the fear in the world involves whether or not you will end up with this virus, how many people will die, how long all of the laws will stay in place, how long you will be trapped in quarantine.

Right now, everyone with the fear would say in the world so far there has been 234K deaths and counting, there has been 3.27M cases confirmed positive, people have been quarantined for darn near 50 days or more.  The people who are thankful and calm would be saying how the essential workers involve all the store employees, truck drivers, nurses,doctors, and other front line workers have worked long stressful hours. They would say that even though you are only allowed to go shopping or be out for essential reasons is a good thing.

For someone who is just sitting back and being patient would wonder why the heck “shop for essential items” turned into people fighting over toilet paper or people who are odd enough to by hundreds of disinfectant wipes to sell them for more than twice the original price, how “you must practice social distancing and stay home as much as possible” turned into hanging out with your friends or going out to party every night. How people found it was alright to use the pandemic as an excuse to rob thousands of dollars worth of items from different store.

A person who did not know how they were going to cope with quarantine for what they thought was going to be a long 7 months. Then later learning, that the key to surviving is building a new life to what would be your new norm. Whether that be adding in those workouts, or learning how to bake, or picking up art skills.

It is 52 days into social distancing, 50 days into Quarantine. Life? a little crazy. —Hotel? trivago.

Some things I would like to remember about this pandemic.

  • Schools in BC have been closed since March 16 and classes have been remote online since April 14
  • Resturants are only open for takeout and home delivery
  • Gatherings on more than 5 people have been banned
  • Funerals are limited to 10 people
  • All churches are closed and are online
  • There are major shortages of health protective supplies
  • Stores have pixaglass installed at the tills
  • Stay at home orders are only becoming more strict

This pandemic is definetly not something to mess with. It is a scary time. This is just a post from a teenagers point of view

“Once a gymnast. Always a gymnast”

My school year of being a tenth grader has been a roller coaster. There’s grade eight, grade nine and grade ten hits you like a pellet, going a thousand miles. For me at least, it feels like that. Expectations are higher, assignment due date is limited, just the regular old life of a high school student.  It all hits differently. A student that is halfway through her high school experience. I have lost all motivation to even try by the minimum.

That is not my point. For six years in a row, I was a gymnast and I had a dream, I had a passion. For six years, every Thursday for two hours, I would be a gymnast. In Gymnastics you see, it is not about level placement. There is no better or no worse. You work at your own pace, if you are a gymnast, you are a gymnast for you, not for your parents, not for the coaches. It is all your dream and I loved that.

Every day after school, I would run home to change into clothes that were gymnastics appropiate- and by that its just clothes I don’t mind sweating in. Also not too loose or too body fitting. Thursday was my favorite day of the week. It is something I miss.  Working on skills, staying in shape and taking care of my body.

Gymnastics was and will always be my dream, I have always wondered what is like to hop up on the beam and perform in a competition. I do not know when it will be but one day I will get there.

I love to go by the movie called the “Full out” which is a gymnastics based movie. My favorite line being ” Once a gymnast always a gymnast”  Even if I join gymnastics again and I am nowhere near where I used to be, I will still be motivated to capture my dream.

I have taken it hard, about the fact that I lost a grip on this. When I found out I couldn’t do gymnastics this upcoming year, I was devastated. I did not know if I had to give this up permanently or temporarily

What is your passion? Video games or sports? 

  • Until another blog post is posted, thank you for visiting my blog. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

I’ll see you soon 🙂

Work Crew-Camp Homewood

A super long post of me babbling on again

Hey guys,

I apologize for not posting here in an extended amount of time! My blog is not famous so if you are reading this, thank you for you time, stay tuned as I will be posting more, then I have. If you do not know this already My name is Merissa,

Hi Welcome

This past summer of 2019 I worked at a Camp called Camp Homewood, located on a small island called Quadra.  I personally love this camp out of all the Christian based camps I know of. This is a camp I attended as a camper for 7 years. My seventh year this summer(2019) was my first year in a transition program called Work Crew.

Work Crew- As they describe it- “a camp within a camp”. You can apply and work with 10-12 others your age(Grade 9 and up) They say you learn how to clean toilets, wash dishes, stack wood, and a varios of things. That is true but before you judge a book by its cover, Work crew is so much more than the hours of work we have to do. The bonds you make are so worth it. You also get to grow in your faith, spending time with god every day is a must for people like me at least. I have been building my walk with God since 3rd grade so 7 years!

In my schedule I did approximetly 6 hours of work a day. There is usually four crews.

Dining hall- you get to learn how to set a table for a dining hall set up for 200+ place settings, clean up after meals, set up for fancy dinners( family camp only*). It sounds boring right? you just have to make it fun, We always having music playing if it is after 12 noon. There are so many songs that we always played, everyone would just goof off, AND* get things done faster, upbeat music equals a better mood.

Dish pit- Washing dishes, the chore everyone dreads. At camp with how many dishes we had we also dreaded it to, but then again we have to make it fun, but we cant have too much fun that we irritate the kitchen staff. There are two parts of the dish pit. Hobart, A dish washer where we wash plates, and all the small stuff. There is dirty side and clean side. A lot of people would race to do dirty side Hobart. Clean side was fun as well. Then there is is dirty side pots- oh the black gloves blue apron. Cleaning the super huge pots used to cook the amazing meals. Trying to speed through to get done, turn around MORE DISHES. Dirty side pots can be so stressful. Clean side pots yellow gloves and bleach smelling hands-  the worst!

Bathrooms- You would clean all the public washrooms on campus three times a day. You know gotta kill those germs! When we were given instructions it was the “Biffys”. Go to the upper biffs, go to the lower biffs, lodge main biffs, lodge lower biffs, lodge upper biffs. I honestly loved being on bathroom crew.

Outdoor- There was rarely outdoor crew, but when there was we would chop and stack wood or clean out a wood sheds, set up rodeo( family camp only), set up outdoor meals, set up carnival, and run tuck.

Nobody was done until everyone was done.

The reality of working behind the scenes of camp, we get the same amount of sleep every night, we just get stressed. Camp has to have a good representation. Oh after family camp, so many people would be mentally drained we would be over tired and a mess. This was my first year and I am so happy.

My schedule included Morning devotions, work, lunch, work, sometimes water front, study time, work, dinner, work, evening activity, fireside, mug up, sleep, repeat. It was a blast.

This year I made so many life time friendships. I learnt about God. I learnt about a side of me I did not even know I have. Its the best thing of my life story so far. Message me or comment on my post for the crazy stories I have. Right now on the spot i have to say my favorite thing at camp was The LIT/ WC songs.

Work crew: Completed WIT: 2020 WIT/LIT: 2021 Summer staff: 2022 Intern:2023 Property staff: Probably

Work crew is only a first to me being staff at Camp Homewood. Just a hint, hint. Camp homewood is always looking for staff: go for a week or two, the whole summer, A day,

Checkout this website and find out more about this place I love Called Camp homwood, I have many more things to say but this post is already super long, there will be more coming soon, this Camp has my heart and I’m sure it can steal yours too.

Thank you for your time!

yours truly

Merissa Walkus

My gymnastics journey

I have been in gymnastics for six and a half years. When I was younger I never thought of gymnastics. All I know is I would see all the girls doing cart wheels or front walkovers. At that time I did not know what any of those things were, I just got really jealous. When I was younger I am pretty sure I was really into learning my culture and what not. Six and a half years ago I never thought I would be able to do anything in gymnastics

Now that it has been six and a half years I am glad I took the opportunity to join. I love my coach and I love the group that I have been doing it with. I am the best I can be for what I know right now. I have not mastered everything but that is one of the things my coach taught me. Not everyone works at the same pace, not everyone in the group will be the same level and that’s okay.I used to have a lot of those scary moments or moments I would stand there afraid to do it because I was afraid someone was going to judge me. Now I just work on things for myself. If the groups doing back handsprings and there is something not going as smooth I will step back and do something that will get my body and brain ready.

Whenever I go to Gymnastics I leave all my emotions at the door.Which is something that makes it easier. There are good vibes and there is not a worry on my mind.I work up to the fullest. I always do the conditioning and never fuss. I always do the circuits we do on the red mats. One of my favorite mottos to go by for gymnastics is “Practice makes progress”.

Over the past six years I have grown to love gymnastics more and more.Sometimes all I want to be doing is gymnastics.The question is why? My answer will always be that I love flipping and stretching my body into what used to be unthinkable. Sometimes it is an amazing accomplishment and I just love the feeling of flying. I have always wanted to be a person that someone would get jealous for. Not to show off or anything but just to think that I was that person at one point. It is never too late to start your dream.

Do those flips, stretch your body, make adjustments, and dream big!- if you are a gymnast like me in other hands of you are a hockey player or soccer player etc. Just do the best you can do for yourself and like I say.

~” Practice makes Progress” ~

2 years, 1 month

              It has been 2 years today and one month since I had my coming of age ceremony. The one day where I was 12 years old, scared to death, nervous,and happy all at once. In my culture(First Nations) a part of life is where you have Indian names in our language(Kwakawala). I never got one when I was born, but you have 2. One when you are in between one month and one years old, and another one when you have hit puberty, which is around 12 years old. This ceremony was a big thing to me. The day after 4 years of not being interested in my own culture. I got there at exactly 9:26 a.m. My auntie took me into the back. That is when I met Chloe,Danielle.W, and my cousin Anne Wallace Jr.

We had to stay hidden until our ceremony which I believe was around 4 p.m.We stayed in someone car who I believe his name was Charlie. Covered windows with black blankets,locked the doors, turned in our phones, and bags. We weren’t allowed to eat when everyone else did. So when the clock hit 12, we were hungry. We found a packet of halls and started passing them around. Fresh breath for the ceremony. When it was time to get ready we went to the back, where all the dancers get ready. We had to put on a round hat that covered our faces, grey blanket, and had to take off our shoes. We walked on the side to the front of the big house, we walked around the fire, my auda was squeezing my arm. I stopped at the first corner and stood by my box with my uncle TK. He said a few words to me(which I would much rather not put). A slower song came on. A song that was slower. A line of lady came out, who were all holding strings of rope braided. My auntie Tiff tied the first one around my waist. My auntie Terra tied the next one a bit lower. My auda tied one to my left arm. My mom tied the one on my right arm. My cousin Barb tied two on my left leg(one on my knee and the other on my ankle. My auntie Trish did my right leg. My uncle came around and said our native names. “This beautiful young lady, Merissa Ada Anne Donna Lisa Walkus Wallace. Her name is Wazid-loved one.” Then he did the others which I forgot. I had to step into a ring of cedar tree branches.This was to cleanse me from all the pain,grief and sadness. It was to cleanse me so I felt no pain from the past. My auda handed me a silver bracelet with a wolf design. I stepped on my box. I danced the lady dance as of after that ceremony I was considered a young lady. We stepped off of our boxes and continued the ladies dance. We went towards the back to grab our gifts. We all did different sections. I chose from the singers up to the right side of the big house. I remember Charlie, Buddy,Papa, and the singers put them on as soon as I gave it to them. It was tie dye bandannas and other prints. We were all given a dance to do later on that evening. I was supposed to do the weather dance but it never worked out. So 2 years and 1 month ago I became a young women. This is a day I will always remember. My coming of age. <3

First soccer season with NISS…. :)

So if you didn’t know this I joined the NISS girls soccer team around the beginning of the year. For the start of it, I could only go to practice on Tuesday because I had gymnastics on Thursdays and I’ve been doing gymnastics since 2012 or whatever year I moved to Sointula. Anyways on Tuesday, it was fun and at the start, I felt like I was the worse player on the team then I realized we are pretty much all the same level. That was after my first game. Everything got better. I could talk to my coach Greg more, I knew most of my teammates better and could ask them where to go or what to do. All in all through the tears, through all the bruises, all the sore days, all the stress and all the blood, I have to say this season was the best. 

Teammates… Molly, Jessie, Madi, Brooke, Sydney, Alexis, Luca, Sam, Marilyn, Jordan, Kennedy, Oceana, Xandryn, Fatima, Avarri, Emma, Emily, Ashlyn. Ella, Danielle, Nikki, Chelsea, Devrey, Shania, and many more 

Coaches… Greg Muirhead and Kathy 🙂 

Thanks to all who have made this the absolute best year to the many crazy/funny memories and to many more cant wait until the next season  

Braces :)…. so far

Month: 10/21

About 11 months ago I got the news I would be getting braces. I  found out after my grade 7 grad, at that moment I was really excited but also really nervous. After that, I watched video after video so when the day came I would know everything.

About 10 months ago I woke up knowing it was the day than that I realized I did not want metal in my mouth for 21 months. I had to get in the car anyways and head down to Creative Orthodontics(highly suggest going there(: ) We had about a 10-20 minute wait than I had to get X-rays, molds etc. After all that was done, they started the long process.

Step one was to clean my teeth and prepare them to start putting the brackets on. Step 2 was for them to get all the tools organized and ready. Step 3 was for me to put glasses on to protect my eyes and to put a thing to keep my mouth open. Step 4 was to start the glue and bonding the brackets. Step 5 was to place the wire. Last final step was to watch the learning video and say bye to the amazing staff that did all the stuff in my mouth.

Right now I am happy to say I actually got the chance to get braces and I am really excited to see my final results.



Hey its me Merissa. Sorry I have been gone for such a long time. I have started high school at NISS w/multiple new friends and old friends.  I have gotten braces on to since I left. Right now the classes I have are Science 8, Foods 8, PE, and English 8. It has been an interesting journey so far.  Also Gymnastics started and its been fun. I have been working on back handsprings with Heidi♥. Thats all for now bye